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Visualize forecast

Select the satellite image checkbox to display images according to satellite dates
Select the profile date/time checkbox to display images according to profile dates
Select the profile altitude and outflow altitude to change the profile altitude and outflow altitude of the FLEXPART output
Click on "Display Plots" to display a satellite image, when available, and the FLEXPART output (red contours)

MSAT7 satellite images and
FLEXPART backtrajectory

display images according to sat. images
display images according to profile date/time

Profile altitude
Outflow altitude

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Output plot


FOOT has been developed and funded with support from the LEFE/INSU grant VAPEURDO
  • The development of FOOT consisted in the design a robust forecast system at LACy laboratory based on FLEXPART forecasts and satellite products, and setup a dedicated website to easily access the forecast products.
  • FLEXPART model trajectory forecasts over 5 days are driven by 3-hourly ECMWF forecasts at quarter degree resolution and 137 vertical model levels. The ECMWF forecasts are retrieved automatically twice a day from the ECMWF server.
  • The near-real time METEOSAT 7 satellite data are also retrieved automatically from the ICARE server at the University of Lille whenever data become available. The brightness temperatures of the infrared channel of METEOSAT 7 provide regional characteristics of deep convection in the Indian Ocean.
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    Jerome Brioude


    Remy Decoupes


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